Continue the momentum of your Service Transformation Journey 


The Being Humanly Membership brings accessible, practical, and inspiring online learning opportunities

Create an intentional place for you and your team to show up and continue your service transformation journey with our Being Humanly Membership today


During your 12-month Membership you can expect to:

  • Create traction with¬† 60-minute monthly group coaching sessions online¬†¬†
  • Embed tools with tips¬†and templates for you and your team
  • Network with peers at two online public learning community events
  • Build relationships with others who are also changing their practice
  • Gain access to an online members-only community with Team Being Humanly.

Transforming service is possible!

The Being Humanly Membership brings peers together to collectively work toward reframing what it means to be of service in the disability sector.


In The Next 12 Months, Your Team Could…

  • Shift toward a principles-based approach to service
  • Feel connected and supported in their work
  • Be aligned with personal values and professional practices

Transforming service requires a collective effort to reframe the narrative around what it means to serve others. Being Humanly exists to support this journey.


Being Humanly Membership

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Continue the momentum in your service transformation journey

Our 12-month Being Humanly Membership brings you accessible, practical, and inspiring online learning opportunities. You’ll learn how to:

  • Embed service transformation work
  • Align personal values with professional practice
  • Redefine what it means to¬†enable good lives

At the heart of transformation lies the essence of how we are of service, and exploring how organisations within the disability sector can authentically align their actions with their mission to better serve their communities.

What's Included In The Membership...

Tools and Templates

Embed learnings with access to a suite of resources and get support with actionable tips, on:

  • Practice and Change Tools
  • Planning Templates
  • Real-time sector¬†tips and support

You’ll feel more empowered in your service transformation journey with access to our tips and templates. 

Regular Coaching

Create traction in your journey with access to regular group coaching sessions.

  • One 60-minute¬†coaching session per month
  • Online group coaching sessions¬†
  • Recorded sessions if you're unable to attend

You'll feel supported and connected, knowing you are not alone in this journey toward service transformation.


Connect with others within the disability sector:

  • Attend two public Humanly Learning Community events
  • Enjoy participating in special member-only events
  • Meet and connect with sector colleagues

You'll gain access to real-time sector topics and connect with other people working in disability and human services.

Private Community

Join the exclusive members-online community:

  • Gain access to Team Being Humanly
  • Ask questions and receive timely answers
  • Receive up-to-date news on relevant sector topics

You’ll enhance your practice through personalised support from Team Being Humanly.

Peer Support

Build relationships with others in disability services:

  • Be part of a thriving online community
  • Peer support of daily challenges in human services
  • Shared learning experiences with¬†like-minded individuals

You’ll create authentic and reciprocal relationships with others who are also changing their practice.

This Membership Is For You If...

  • You¬†have previously participated in learning events with Humanly
  • You¬†want to shift closer towards sustainable¬† person-directed practice
  • You¬†work¬†within a disability support service
  • You¬†desire to connect with others in¬†human services
  • You want support to continue your service transformation¬†journey

We're Team Being Humanly


We're here to support individuals and teams to transform the way their organisation is being of service in the disability sector, and other human services.  We bring a variety of attributes and lived experience, with skills in facilitating inclusion, and are experienced in leadership, business, change, community psychology, facilitation, training, coaching and mentoring. 

L-R Lisa Clausen, Rich Bennetts, Janelle Fisher

"It's been life-changing, it's been educational, and it just helps to bring better systems."

- Daniel (Agape)

"The key thing for us is the resources and the support we've had to tie all our work together."

- Carol Sebborn (Options)

"We've come together to collaborate with others and form strong partnerships that will future-proof transformation."

- Claire Pedley (MASH)

Being Humanly Membership

Special Introductory Price

$47 USD per month

12 month membership


Frequently Asked Questions:

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